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    I think it would be best to add a toggle like this, that would (possibly) remove the video box when off
    reasoning: lagging me when my wifi is bad, no one really looks at that and thinks "cool i should do what this tutorial says!"

    I was told that the reason is the part of it where it spawns in players, but i clearly remember that part being broken, and the rest of the mod working. Maybe the developer can make a aternos friendly version, but the staff/owners of aternos would just need to contact him. I think the mod is on github, therefor it would be easy to just delete parts of the code to upload to aternos. I also found this (what happened to carpet mod?) thread, so why cant aternos also use the tag that the fake players have (I think they have a tag, im not sure if thats fake player stuff).

    I would suggest a menu at the Mods and Plugins list sorting, as some people play on ultra new versions or older versions, therefore they cant find the plugin/mod they are looking for.:aternos:

    Basicly a special part of for advertising. Its as eazy as putting the ip into it. You dont have to own the server to make it public. If the whitelist is on then the server does not show up.



    - On, off or both

    - Running out of time (no players)

    Sort by:

    - Most uptime

    - Most players

    - Best rating (another thing to add)

    This is a better concept that the discord "post your server once in a day" thing. Hope it gets added. Sorry if it has been suggested before and for my spelling mistakes.

    So... there has been a lot of times where my (or my cousin's) server just crashes. Then there comes a long queue. There has to be a way to make the queue faster or even instant if the server crashes.

    Problem 1:

    But... someone can just crash the server with no leaving and come back a day after just to have an instant join! thats not fair!

    Fix 1:

    After 10-20 minutes the option is not gonna be possible anymore.

    Problem 2:

    You are telling me that someone can use a remoused script to automate the queue while the server just crashes (for forge, remove a lib mod so it does that).

    Fix 2:

    No. After 3 times it will close if the crash reason (logs) is the same.

    If there is anything i missed feel free to ask!