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    After reading the subject, most people will say that Aternos is for friends and family only, we are not for you if you are thinking to build large server networks. And a short reply to that, most people are trying to make server networks on Aternos even though people may overlook that.

    Anyways, I was wondering if servers that run like 10-30 players will ever get more RAM or not?

    An answer will be great :)


    I recently have been banned from Aternos discord and I believe that the ban is unfair. I further believe that I was banned by Bluewy as he is the one rude to me mostly and he always creates an argument against me. He probably banned me so that I can't show everyone who's fault it is. Last time when he created a fight with me, I ended it by shutting up myself. But after a few minutes, I got notification that I am banned. Which means he actually looked for ways to ban me. And his reasons were small, but he wrote it in a way that it looks big. As of bot moderations, I got those for reasons I didn't know they would harm me. They are mods, so they don't give us freedom of speech. I just expressed an opinion, and he said that whenever you talk follow points like did it make someone's life better and so on. Those are just excuses. I also created a thread for justice needed a few days ago. And it got a topic-changing response.

    Here is the link to that Justice needed!.

    Just it feels so bad that being inferior is your fault. And probably this thread is also going to have bad replies that are going to change topics. Or someone may close the thread unconditionally. I hope I get helped... :(

    I searched on discord with your name, I still don't know what happened there either, but you did a lot of thing that make people mad. Come on man, it's just a 1 day ban.

    P.S: There are no Daisy in the mod list.

    Ik just the discord name was daisy and possibly I was mistaken. BUT WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE A 24 HOUR BAN ??? NOW I CANT EVEN TAKE HELP AND SUPPORT OF ATERNOS. NOOOOO. LUL.


    I need someone to do justice for me! A mod named Daisy in Aternos Discord is muting, kicking, and even banning me for basically simple reasons or even no reason. I think this is admin abuse. But do I keep going through this or will in be helped ?


    I am having a common problem. If players dp /pl pr /plugins, the entire plugins list gets exposed. And for so, I am trying to somehow disable the command or do something to hide the plugins. Which one should I do, override the commands, or use some short of plugin to hide the plugins ?

    If I should override, then how ? And if I should use a plugin to hide the plugins, then what plugin should I use which is compatible with 1.12.2 ?

    A suggestion would be great!


    > That Bungeecord reduces RAM usage is bullshit.

    Answer to that is in the main thread.

    > Since you can only have one server on Aternos, Bungeecord would be completely pointless.

    I can get servers created by my staff...


    I came forth with a suggestions that some members may NOT like. It is about Bungeecord support.

    Now the important members of team may say, you can NEVER keep your server online 24/7 so just give up. And my question is, ok not 24/7. But at least near to it ? Like if I make my server very popular somehow. They may further ask, you need to actively stay and interact in an Aternos server to keep it active. And I have an answer to that as well. What if I keep staff members to those servers ? I will keep staff to those servers, disguise them as normal players. And like that, it is supposed to work. I know this debate is almost unending. And some just close it somehow. But this isn't really a bad idea. If someone dishonestly tried to keep server 24/7, other members can report them here, in Aternos board. And by adding bungee, Aternos will really BOOST it's way to get EVEN more people. Setting up a bungee server is easy as well. And it lags less too. Which means, players may rely on like 1.5 GB or even 1 GB RAM or EVEN less. And in this way, the system will be help greatly. This is just a suggestion. I actually have a second suggestion. According to my humble research, back in the days, in Aternos, people who had more players, had more RAM. And you probably guessed it. This second suggestion is not too important. But the first one is pretty important. As if the first one gets accepted. Players can properly rely on Aternos FOREVER and may stay in Aternos FOREVER. I hope you understand. And I hope you reply to this thread after reading full of it.

    A Humble User,



    Hello Hey,

    I am getting a very weird problem for the last two days. Well, lets make it short. It set up bedwars in a multiverse world, after the next launch of the server, the bedwars map got replaced with another random normal map. Whereas other maps were just as fine. Then I created another bedwars world despite being it present, but same happened to it. However, this was getting fixed if I delete, and then import the map. I tried to copy the bedwras map in another-converted into normal bedwars map. But a error showed up. I was so annoyed that I tried to move to other host. Then thought, lets give it another try. This is stopping me my hopes and dreams for Aternos. A help will be great

    Pss: I don't know but maybe Bedwars plugin (ScreamingBedwars) Caused it

    Hope I get my desired help.