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    Hello Aternos Team, :aternos:

    I have another plugin request to be added to your list, PetDragon, a plugin that lets you spawn rideable Dragons.

    A much more detailed description:

    This plugin allows you to control custom EnderDragons as if they are your pets! Mount the dragon just like you would a horse. Ride them using WASD for movement and the mouse for directions. You can also press the space bar to shoot dragon breath! TIP: Check requirements and supported versions below before downloading.


    Thanks, Jaimee

    Dear Aternos Team :aternos:

    (Note: Before I start, this plugin is different and separate from the Manhunt plugin that was submitted to the forums months ago.
    This plugin was created by a different person, and I wanted to use this, because it is more polished.)

    I wish to make a request for a plugin from SpidgotMC called: DreamCompass.

    Shortened Description: DreamCompass is a minigame manhunt plugin inspired by Dream's Speedrunner Vs Hunter series.

    Detailed Description:

    This plugin lets you use a compass to track a specific person to hunt or locate them, just like in the Speedrunner V Hunter series by Dream.

    The compass points you to the exact direction of the hunted and will tell the y coords in the way.


    Much appriciated, Jaimee

    Dear Aternos Team, :aternos:

    I have a request for a plugin that offers a cap with Anvil Enchantments and Repairs, NotTooExpensive.

    I do hope that you add it.


    Tired of Anvils telling you who's boss? Well, Tell them that they can stick it where the sun don't shine, Or, You can install this plugin, I think the latter would have more of an effect.

    What exactly does it do?

    It Allows you to:

    Set the max enchantment cap of an anvil to a specific value.

    Cap the max cost of something to say 39 levels (Configurable)

    Reset Item Repair Cost NBT (Requires ItemNBTAPI to be installed)

    Tells anvils that they can stick it!


    Thanks, Jaimee

    Hello Aternos Team! :aternos:

    A quick question after the latest Aternos update is the reason for the disappearance of the Sogoda plugins from the Plugins page. I downloaded quite a few for my SMP server and ever since the update, I cannot update them due to the fact that they were removed.

    If ever it will not return, I would like an explanation, but if you believe this is a mistake, then feel free to check on the missing Sogoda Plugins.

    Thanks, Jaimee