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    I have a couple of issues with Essentials Kits.

    First off, you can access any of the kits in any world. This is not really a good thing, as some kits are exclusive to some worlds, like KitPVP. I need to find out how to limit what kits are accessible in what worlds.

    Next, you can get all of the kits at once. Though this isn't really problematic in things like survival, in KitPVP this is a bit of an issue, as you can combine the strongest assets from every kit to be essentially overpowered. I need to make it so when you select a kit, you can only have one kit at a time, or it replaces the last selected kit to stop you from combining kits.

    Not sure if I should have included this with my other post, but I'll just do this anyways. In my gamemode KitPVP, there is a selection of 6 different kits. The issue is, you can select all of these kits at once to combine all of their best assets into this one overpowered kit. How can I make it so you can only have one kit at a time, or if you select another the first kit deletes? Secondly, I need to figure out how to make it so you can only access certain kits within certain worlds.

    Hello! I am currently trying to develop a server called TheGlobalMC. Currently though, I'm having an issue with Inventories. I have 4 gamemodes on 4 different worlds (not including the main Hub) Survival, Towny, KitPVP, and Parkour. Now, the problem is, when you /warp to another world, your inventory transfers with you to that world. This is an issue for gamemodes like Survival and Towny, as when you, say, warp from KitPVP with the Titan kit to survival, the items from the Titan Kit go with you, pretty much making you overpowered. How can I stop this from happening?

    Hey Aternos Team! I am developing a new minecraft server and was wondering: Could you add the UltimateModeration plugin to your selection? It would just make managing punishments so much easier, among all of the other things it can do as well to help keep members in line. If you would add this plugin, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!;)

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