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    Plugin for creare custom command

    LessIsMore lets you create custom informational commands. This is like /rules plugins, but you can do a lot more:

    • Multiple commands with any name and description
    • If the command has too many lines of output, they will be separated into different pages
    • You can change the lines-per-page for each command, or different lines per page (using the "line break" command, see the /more command in the example config)

    How to setup this plugin? Install it in your server, start the server once, and a config.yml will be created in the plugin_data/LessIsMore/ (plugins/LessIsMore/ for old users) folder. There will be examples for different ways of adding commands in the file.

    Have fun making commands just for your own server!


    The MMO plugin for pocketmine servers.:thumbup:

    When a player breaks a mining block, a log or crafts something, he'll get a skillpoint in this skill.

    Every skill has 5 Levels.

    On each level the player get's double drops or a bonus item (you can set them up in the config).

    This plugin is perfect for RPG or Survival Servers.

    Download :


    With this plugin you can allow your players to purchase and spawn in custom geometry entities! Everything is configurable in the decorations.json config file including price, spawn limits, and entity scale!


    Use /deco to access the main interface. From there you can enter the shop or view your archived decorations. By selecting an item in your archive, you have the option to sell or spawn the decoration. In the shop, you can select what category you'd like to browse. Once you pick a category, choose an item to purchase and proceed to the pre-purchase form. The pre-purchase form is where you can choose how many to buy, but also choose where you'd like the item to be exported to once you purchase it (inventory or decoration archive). Once bought, you can spawn it by tapping the item on the block of where you want it to be. You have the ability, as the decoration owner, to view the decoration options by hitting it. This screen allows you to sell, archive, and pick up the decoration for easier transport or movement adjustments.

    Download :

    One Plugin Custom Craft for pmmp


    # Item_1 is name default, you can change name example like: nam, dragovn, ....
    # enable_enchant: false => not working
    # enable_cenchant: false => not working
    #---------------------------------------------------------- shape:

    - [[0], ["260:0"], [0]]

    - [["260:0"], ["260:0"], ["260:0"]]

    - [[0], ["260:0"], [0]]

    result: ["278:0", 1]


    true enable_cenchant:

    true enchantment: 9: 1

    cenchantment: haste: 1 ...

    Download : ^^


    fucking level up system

    This plugin is a levelling up system that will allow you to gain more privileges when you reach a certain level.

    you can also create races and titans that you want.

    Custom damage


    Time of day evolution

    Temporary abillities

    More commands






    addLevel($user, $amount)











    Charecter($user, $name, $race)

    Titan($name, $race)

    setRace($user, $race)


    addRace($race, $size, $damage, $health, $hunger, $level, $effect, $ability) - ability not useful yet



    Made by ElementalMinecraftGaming

    Download :

    Please add a section to see the new plugins that have just been added to Aternos. I usually have to look through all the plugin pages to find out what's new:aternos:

    PiggyAuctions is an open-sourced auction house plugin for PocketMine-MP allowing players to place auctions and bid on items.

    Why use PiggyAuctions over other competitors?

    1. BRAND LOYALTY!!! PiggyAuctions is a quality Piggy-flavored plugin refined throughout generations of the Sus genus. You won't get to experience this authentic rich and savory flavor anywhere else. And, it's free bacon, what else could you ask for?
    2. PiggyAuctions has bidding, searching, sorting, auto-refreshing, pagination, etc.
    3. Oink? You're not going to install such an amazing plugin? 🐷
    4. Sloths are scary.

    • Basic knowledge on how to install plugins from Poggit Releases and/or Poggit CI
    • PMMP 3.2.0 or greater
    • mysql & sqlite3 PHP extensions (should already exist within your PHP binaries)
    • Economy type supported by libPiggyEconomy:

    download link :

    Please please add InvCrashFix and Invmenu plugins.

    I know these are Github plugins but please make an exception this time because they need them so much because all GUI plugins need these plugins to work without these plugins Plugins (AuctionHouse - Market - minion - chestshop - tradeGUI - piggycrate -mysterycrate) and all GUI plugins are useless and delete them. The Invcrashfix plugin has only one version and does not need to be updated

    This request has been given many times, but each time it was rejected, please add these plugins and if you do not delete the GUI plugins, because they will crash every time.

    This plugin is an easy to use relic plugin for your server. It allows players to find "relics" when mining that can give any reward you want! It is super easy to use and can be customised to your hearts content! Check the Installing tab to get started!8)

    To install this plugin, you must first download the .phar. Once you have the .phar you must navigate to your plugins folder. Now just place the .phar inside this folder and restart your server.:aternos:

    download link:8o