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    Hello Aternos Team,

    can you please add the Mod "Mexicraft"?

    Link to the mod:…ng-the-spice-to-minecraft

    Mexicraft is a Minecraft mod for sharing Mexican culture with the world in the context of a block game. The person who made it has clearly put a lot of passion into it, with countless new materials, new foods, new mobs, new tools, and an entirely new dimension based off of the underworld Mictlan from Aztec Mythology.

    With this is a new biome known as the Nature Reserve, which is a reference to how Mexico is one of the most biodiverse nations in the modern world, with many rare plants and animals in its tropical climate.

    They plan to add pre-hispanic cultures as well soon, but for now it's as much Mexico as they could pack into one mod and it's an absolute treat if you want a much more festive and culturally enriching Minecraft run.