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    I dont know what happened, I was playing on a server with my freind and we were strip mining, I found a cave, opened my inventory and the empty spaces were filled with dirt. I just asked who filled my inventory with dirt, we had cheats on so it would make sense if someone would do that, (we dont use cheats tho unless its tping). Anyway I kept playing and then my inventory was filled with quills and books, I read it and it said "I see you".

    At that point i left the server and than i thought id rejoin and check if i was hacked or the server, so me and my freind were playing and in the chat it said, i forgot what it said completely but it was something like Death will rain upon you all. At this point we were terrified and left, I told my freind never to buy one of these servers again. I swear this is not a creepypasta, i think maybe the reason it happened is because of halloween, but idk, Im very scared and am probably not going to open up minecraft in a month. I also really dont trust aternos anymore.

    Has this happened to you?

    Also i hope you believe this is not a creepypasta, I swear to god it isnt.