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    I don't think so, 'cause it isn't really a full-functioning website it's a really simple website, the most u can do is write some stuff and I think you can put some images, and you have to submit your website. What exploits u think it would happen?

    Here's a showcase by the mod creater if u want to watch:

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    I would like to know why this mod was denied, it's a mod I really would like to use, and it meets all the requests. Is someone able to tell me why this mod was denied?

    Hello Aternos Team,
    can you please add the Mod "Bubble Burst"?
    Link to the mod:

    Bubble Burst is is addon mod to Device mod, by MrCrayfish, is a simple game wich you can play inside minecraft.

    I know that there are other requests about this mod, and it says accepted on one of them, but the mod isn't on Aternos, if it is, it isn't by this name. So I would like to request you to add it, please.