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    Alright, I managed to fix the issue, to anyone who has the EXACT same issue, shut the server down, regardless of it being through the console/menu. Do NOT restart. Restarting is like reloading the server i've come to notice, it wont help, it wont fix the issue, although restarting instead of disconnecting and starting the server again is faster, it wont fix it. Do what I did and see if it worked. Staff may close the ticket, thanks :D

    Essentially, me and my friend have this SMP, its the most we've ever advanced in minecraft and we were close to beating the ender dragon. But somehow, somewhy the serever stopped working. I'm curious, as its not something in my computer considering it happened to his aswell, or its a really big coincidence, as we were playing just yesterday night but today's morning it just didnt allow me or him to join.

    The server says its online, it starts up, it has the cracked option, I joined, it doesnt show any connection in the logs, the server just starts, and there it stays however it is.

    Me and my friend use Shiginima Launcher (Not TLauncher) and here are the logs+what we both see.

    I have indeed tried with the DynIP.

    [Blocked Image:]

    Above is self-explanatory, these two are the same servers, but one has the IP. And the other one has the DynamicIP.

    [Blocked Image:]

    This is what we both see as we try to connect, after a long while of attempting to connect, it doesnt do anything but show this message.

    Connecting. Connecting. and always ends in$AnnotadedConnectException: Connection timed out: no further information:

    Please help, this world really matters to us. Genuenly. :)