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    I was JUST playing on my server with the Crackpack 3 modpack installed. It was just on and i was just playing. Now all of a sudden it's taking too long to start and crashing? The memory of the server can't possibly be the issue since it hasn't passed 2600mb. What's the deal?

    What's your Aternos username?
    According to our statistics that modpack doesn't crash most of the time

    CaptainYoink is my username. and It doesn't crash when i start playing. It crashes a couple of days after. I can't play past a certain point because it just starts crashing constantly. So far the only way around a crash is deleting my server and starting all over.

    I would LOVE to play the newest version of the R.A.D modpack, but it's too much for your servers it seems. It REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY needs to go back to 1.43. I'm tired of these crashes happening after getting so far into a world. It's starting to piss me off beyond belief.

    There should be an option to change the version of a mod pack you have installed. I am having so many problems every since v1.44 of Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons was added to Aternos. I had to delete my server because it kept crashing. This only ever stated happening after the switch from v1.43 to v1.44. I'm genuinely upset. And to make matters worse I can't even make a new server with the pack! It crashes immediately EVERY TIME. There's nothing I can do about it because version changing isn't a thing.

    Am I the only one that's having issues with v1.44 or...

    My server started when v1.43 of R.A.D was on Aternos. They changed the version to 1.44 a day or two after i created the server. I was able to play once with v1.44, but every time i started the server after that it would crash. The first crash happened while i was playing. The next few times i tried running the server it wouldn't even start. The logs would say the server "took too long to start." I tried making a completely new server with a new world. The server started, but I didn't like the seed it gave so I regenerated the world. Now the server keeps crashing again. I think the newest version of the Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons modpack is causing the servers to freak out somehow.

    Everything was working perfectly fine up until just a few hours ago. I'm playing the Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons modpack with my gf. I started the server while the pack was still 1.43. I then changed over to 1.44 since I was getting errors joining. We played for a couple of days with no issues until now...

    Here's the log: -I can't make any sense of it. Can someone please let me know what the issue is and if there's a potential fix? I'm gonna be really hurt if I have to start all over.

    Note: I started the server a few hours after the first couple of crashes and it ran fine (I had minecraft closed this time). It shut down because no one was on it. I started MC and rebooted the server. It crashed again while MC was open. I tried one more time to start it and it again failed to start.