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    So Planetary updated to 1.4.8 and aternos is still on 1.4.4 so I'm wonder if it'll update on it's own, someone could for me, or would I be able to update the version myself?

    Also, is 1.4.8 of Planetary capable of supporting a server or can't which is why it's staying on 1.4.4?

    Happy to hear back, and hopefully the above is not too confusing.

    I've seen All the Mods 7 come and go and it's gone again, so I'm thinking it's too heavy to keep around?
    Given it's not in the list of Forge modpacks to play/use.

    :!: Brass is a new 1.16.5 modpack I've seen, and had the wonderful time to play, when I was hoping to use the free hosting to play with friends. So I am here to see about making that happen. Nor have I seen any suggestions for or about it.

    Seen it has over 10k+ downloads so it's good there but not sure about serverfiles or so, which I apologize for.
    Also seen that Engineer's life 2 was denied, which is a bummer, but talking with a friend and thinking about it with some questions in mind. Questions that might not be suited here but hope it's not an inconvenience to put them here anyways.

    :?: 1. What deems a modpack "To Heavy"?
    :?: 2. Some modpacks are, at least from what I've seen of the total mods vs another pack('s) list of total mods, heavier than probably Brass and Engineer's Life 2. So would those "Heavier" packs be removed or kept, due to conflicting adding mod pack terms, or some other complications?

    With my ramblings and burning questions out of the way, I thank you for your time about seeing Brass and it being eligible for adding.