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    So I recently joined the Aternos forums to try and suggest a pack to be added and my request got denied twice for the same reason by a person named "Julian" and I explicitly said both times for a detailed explanation and the only thing this person wrote was "no server pack" when I literally gave the mod pack with the server pack... I attempted to see if I could contact this person and talk to them but they seem impossible to contact I tried this very website here on aternos and the Twitter they linked to their profile, but no luck. anyways here's the link to both my post: Adding the Origins Modpack to Aternos (Server Pack) RE: Adding the Origins Modpack to Aternos

    I would like to add that I do not know how things work in these forums, but I find it very disappointing the post are closed after been denied instead of being left open so the person can edit/fix it so it can be accepted eventually... What is this lack of communication and 3-word sentences from this Julian guy? Back in my day the 100s of servers and websites I've staffed, or owned never have I seen such a poor communication system. :(

    A couple of days ago I made a post where I asked for this mod pack to be added ( here's the link -->…ns-origins-fabric.1812048 ) and it was denied for not having a server pack even when it met the full requirements since it has 22k Downloads and 47k Runs (and the pack is 1.16.5) so here I present to you someone made a server pack for the same mod pack meaning this time there is absolutely no reason for it to be denied. It meets all the requirements:

    • ...must be downloaded at least 10000 (10k) times. :thumbup:
    • ...must be distributed over a supported platform (Please check the list of supported platforms down below) :thumbup:
    • ...must be made for Minecraft 1.10 and newer. We won't add new packs for Minecraft 1.9 and older! :thumbup:
    • ...must provide official server files (Please also check requirements for server files down below). :thumbup:
    • ...must provide its description and offerings in the English language. :thumbup:

    Hello Aternos Team, I will cut to the chase and say this Modpack has almost 50k runs and over 21k downloads, and it's been highly requested so people can host their own little server with this pack and have fun with their friends. I am not here to beg. I am not here to whine. I am here for the simple reason that many people including myself want this pack added so we can have fun. That is all.