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    um i see that someone is like hacking me so let me tell u what happened

    i see 2 random players joined when i was attempting to speedrun in my server :

    so the first guy named SimpDeZuk3d i think , was like normal and left the server idk why

    and then the second guy in the server named Eain was kinda sus so what he did was like telling my friend admin on my server named :

    zhapraaaaan , and me that "are u admins?" then we said yes but then the next question was to my friend not me , "are u Spanish" then zhap said "no"

    idk then he left but then when zhap told to me that he is now fidning elytra in end city(nothing sus here) after he told that i was kicked and the it said was : you logged in from another location i was a little scared and then i enterred server again then i saw the same message a little faster

    and then when i logged in for 3rd time it was automatically showned again but then when i saw in aternos website i saw that there were 1 player which i was thinking is zhap(i call my friend zhap not zhapraaaaan btw) but then when i saw in my in-game chat discord in my pc i typed playerlist to see who is online then i saw another MOMKUNG(i editted the name but the real username is MOMKUNG999) and then i said hello

    and that hacker said hi and then when i said what happened he said "?" idk i was scared then i somehow could enter the server without any problems and saw zhap was not there then i thought to use /pardon zhapraaaaan and then he joined i saw when i was in the nether i saw the nether was destroyed and then zhap was sad to see the lobby got destroyed then i thought to do /spawn(the command to tp to our lobby)

    i saw it was same damaged as the nether i was last logged out so then we were discussing about the hacker then suddenly i saw that hacker said hi to us from the console it was shown "[Server] hi"i said hi too but i also said are u zhap then zhap said "yes" then suddenly he was talking more and then i again said "is that u zhap???" then he said no and he also said that he was scared too and then he left we was not on console anymore then after some days i was testing my new boss in my server but then i suddenly saw the hacker summoned the strongest boss in the server by his own (i mean he wasnt in server but it was spawned by like hacker in console i think) then i was scared i stopped the server.

    pls tell me what should i do to remove this hacker i also baned 2 of the random ppls the simp one and eain. idk it can be by irl friend too or it can be some of my minecraft friend trying to prank me or scare me.

    i think the log is too big thhat is why but i dont know how can i fix it

    this is the log :

    my server has : like 42 plugins , 5 worlds and 100 player slots

    pls tell me how can i fix this i dont want to restart my server all over again all my hard work.

    (sorry if i am bad at english)

    this is the only way i can fix because i cant search on any youtube channel and i cant see on google

    so pls help me and my server ip is