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    i had this problem once, you just need to put all your items in a chest and pick it back up when you turn on the cracked setting. you would lose your xp and skin, and i didnt bother finding another workaround

    So I have just recently built a creeper and spider farm. however, I noticed it only works with specific conditions.
    at first, I would only stand above the farm to not load the caves below, but still, load the farm but I noticed the farm doesn't work. then pulled out a second account (in spectator mode) to see up close to the farm but nothing was spawning.

    but then I went further with my spectator account away from the farm and spiders and creepers are spawning fine. I also messed around with the spectatorgeneratechunk gamerule and this only seems to work in "true". can anyone help with this problem? I honestly have no idea what is wrong.
    (i also tried this exact world in singleplayer and it works fine without the spectator account at a distance.

    server is running on 1.17.1 pre 1 (0.11.6) fabric