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    Paper 1.16.5

    My Server Console got hacked.

    Noone has perms to the console.

    I got 100 discord messages from my community that everyone is creative and from my Mods that someone hacked console. I stopped the Server, loaded a backup from a few hours before, changed my Aternos password (if someone hacked my account) and started Server. Then when I was at the console I saw:

    [11:00:11] [Server thread/INFO]: CONSOLE issued server command: /gamemode survival @a

    [11:00:11] [Server thread/INFO]: Error: Player not found.

    So I closed Server again. Is there a way to disable console or requireing a password when using console?

    I would really appreciate some help!

    Hey, does someone know what to put in here:


    buyable: [] ~~~here

    cost: 1000000

    description: ''

    (This is from Powerranks Plugin under


    To set the price of a buyable Rank, but what to put in the [] after "buyable:"?