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    A great thanks to Dravergy, as his Reddit post solved the issue.

    If others are finding the same issue, the issue arises from the world generator

    settings in the server's property file.

    In simple terms:

    1. Install a fresh copy of the Sevtech: Ages of the Sky Modpack, (It just helps with any errors)

    Do not start the server yet! The world generation needs to be changed first!

    2. Go to Files from the shortcut menu on the left of the screen on your main server page.

    3. Go to

    4. It should open up a few server settings, and scroll down to the one that says Generator.

    5. Inside the box to the right of "Generator" put this in exactly, including the squiggly brackets!

    {"Topography-Preset":"Sky Block"}

    5. Now boot the server!

    6. Try it out now with your own client-side, or the modded Minecraft installed on your machine

    7. It should now load correctly!!! IF THIS IS NOT THE CASE REFER BELOW

    An issue that still may arise comes from the client side being rejected from the server as it requires a missing mod such as my case below:


    Sadly this is the case as the server pack has a bug where some mods that were removed are still required, so what you have to do is install it on your client-side. They won't be active however so they

    shouldn't give any issues.

    Essentially the simple fix is, find the missing mods jar file, which ya can get off Curseforge such as


    Bring Back Bedrock - Mods - Minecraft - CurseForge

    After doing so, add the jar file to your mod folder inside of your modded client.

    If you don't know how to do this just do this

    1. Open up the folder the Modpack is on your computer

    ( Curseforge lets you right-click on it and its in the drop down menu)

    2. Go to the "mod" file

    3. Drop the JAR File for the mod inside of it.

    4. Boot it up and try again.

    If there are any other errors, try to contact the Modpack dev team, they have more material and sources to reference for issues like this!!

    I was trying to create a Sevtech Ages of the Sky server through the Curseforge Modpack list,

    but it seems that there may be something I'm missing, as when I load into the generated server it is not sky blocks islands as it should be.

    I tried tinkering with the world generation file, along with even using a single player world copy and uploading it to the server.

    Messing with the world generation settings leads to the server ignoring the modpack and creating a normal 1.12.2 world or just refuse to finish booting.

    For the single-player world copy attempt, it did retain the loaded chunks at the start around the spawn, but after flying around a bit, the server

    began generating normal Minecraft 1.12.2 biomes style completely ignoring the skyblock generation it seems.

    It seems the server refuses to follow the correct world generation.

    Has anyone else had this problem or have dealt with this before?

    Any help would be appreciated as I haven't gotten anywhere closer since yesterday!