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    Hi i have an hub server on aternos and server was greatly working and players can pvp one day pvp accidantly disabled on server and i dont installed plugin on settings pvp is on pls help me i dont want reinstall my server i hav e lots of plugins and worlds (sorry for bad english ;-;)

    pls add this plugin:

    Name: TAB

    Description: A good Tablist with lots of colours.




    • Send header/footer to players
    • Use different header/footer for each server
    • Animated header/footer
    • Create your own animations


    • Send header/footer to players
    • Use different header/footer in each world
    • Configurable prefix/suffix in players' name tags (limit 16 characters)
    • Configurable prefix/suffix in the tablist (no character limit)
    • Use different prefix/suffix in tablist and in name tag
    • Per-world prefix/suffix
    • PlaceholderAPI support new: relational placeholders supported too
    • See ping of players next to their connection bars in tablist
    • Enable/disable any part of the plugin
    • Change prefix/suffix by a command
    • Automatical sorting of players in tablist
    • ¡¡¡Perms by Vault!!! Check if your permission plugin is compatible in…upported/permissions.html
    • Placeholders can be used in header/footer, but also in prefix/suffix !
    • Use your Essentials' /nick in playerlist
    • Animated header/footer
    • Create your own animations
    • Per world playerlist (optional)
    • Fully client-sided, server-side stays unaffected (scoreboards with their teams and objectives) (good for compatibility with other plugins)
    • Fully asynchoronous - plugin does not run in the main server thread and therefore cannot cause server to lag
    • MySQL support (read below).


    • 1.13 Support when released
    • Rare bug fix (Bukkit): Tab not full loaded message.
    • Very rare bug fix (Bukkit): "Space" in tag sufix when is not set.