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    The game is simple, user's that are not team members or moderators count up by 1 from the last user, team members and moderators count down by 1 from the last user, pretty simple!


    No more then 1 message in a row, things like User1: "1" User1: "2" aren't allowed, but User1: "1" User2: "2" is allowed, you must wait!

    Members have to increase the count by 1 from the last user, things like User1: "1" User2: "3" aren't allowed, also applies to moderators and team members but instead of 1 higher, its 1 lower

    You cannot count below 0

    Mass counting such as "1 2" is not allowed

    Using other accounts are not allowed

    The count will end when the number 5,000 is reached by members or -5000 by team members/helpers

    Ger: (Verwendet Google Übersetzer)

    Das Spiel ist einfach, Benutzer, die keine Teammitglieder oder Moderatoren sind, zählen vom letzten Benutzer um 1 hoch, Teammitglieder und Moderatoren zählen vom letzten Benutzer um 1 herunter, ziemlich einfach!


    Nicht mehr als 1 Nachricht hintereinander, Dinge wie User1: "1" User1: "2" sind nicht erlaubt, aber User1: "1" User2: "2" sind erlaubt, Sie müssen warten!

    Mitglieder müssen die Anzahl um 1 vom letzten Benutzer erhöhen, Dinge wie Benutzer1: "1" Benutzer2: "3" sind nicht erlaubt, gilt auch für Moderatoren und Teammitglieder, aber statt 1 höher, ist es 1 niedriger

    Sie können nicht unter 0 zählen

    Massenzählungen wie „1 2“ sind nicht erlaubt

    Die Verwendung anderer Konten ist nicht gestattet

    Die Zählung endet, wenn die Zahl 5.000 erreicht ist

    I don't know what percentage of users actually use it, but since its like an ad every 2 seconds, why not just make it an ad box? reduces lag for users (especially ones with a weaker internet connection) and still earns money (not sure if a normal box earns less) and have some other way of telling users where to find the videos if they want them

    I suggest Arclight, its a mod & forge hybird that has high compatibility, new versions that are pretty stable, and has versions from 1.14.x to 1.19.x, I've heard really good things about it and I think aternos users would benefit from another hybird that's also really good, since some setups work better on different hybirds.

    (I used the search function, the only response I found was the aternos bot closing the ticket with no response due to no activity for a month)