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    No, that system is rather difficult to implement i can imagine, and RAM is dedicated based on the need for a specific version of a specific software. I could not imagine that there's any reason or benefit to changing this now.

    well then bring back paid plans. Aternos talks about how they wanna be 100% free and so they removed paid plans. In my way of thinking that is absolutely pointless because the free servers are the same as they were before removing the paid plans, it gave people who liked the free service a way to slightly improve their server for a small fee. We might consider using a different service because our modpack server is starting to lag heavily and its becoming a problem.

    Hello, my name is PureSimple, I want to make a suggestion for aternos servers. You guys let us have three servers per account, which means you let us have three servers, each having 4ram for the free service. I suggest you let us choose between owning three servers with 4ram or one server with at least 6ram. I don't think people need the three servers in general, because there is a way to get an infinite amount of servers all linked to one singular account. Essentially you make multiple throwaway accounts, make a server and give full permissions to a main aternos account. With that being said I believe that giving people the option to have one server with at least 6ram instead of 3 servers with 4ram is a much better idea. (its an optional thing, the user can choose between three servers with 4ram or one server with at least 6ram) :aternos:

    Hello, I am making a suggestion for aternos. I used to play with my friends on a couple of galacticraft themed modpacks back in the day but it seems as though aternos removed most of them and left two of them, Galactic Engineers and Galactic Science. Galactic Engineers is literally broken because no oxygen gear works(go look for yourself in the curseforge page of the modpack inside the comments, this aint no lie), none of it, I tested all methods, and Galactic Science is essentially a base version of Galacticraft but you start on the moon, which is lame. Aternos please add galacticraft themed modpacks which actually get regularly updated so there aren't any more glitches again, thanks.