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    Hi, first of all, I hope I am writing this to the correct place, this is my first time using this forum and English isn't my native language, please excuse me. About a year ago, I used to play minecraft through Aternos, it's a lot better than most paid servers in my opinion, it's faster, easier etc. So I found a plugin named Elite Mobs by MagmaGuy and had so much fun playing it, in summary, it adds levels to mobs and the higher the level the stronger the mob is, or they can even have some magic powers like a zombie throwing fire etc. There's also another feature that you can teleport to another dimension designed as an Adventurer's Guild, but of course it needs the map to be downloaded. Since Aternos doesn't support editing or adding files, there's no Adventurer's Guild dimension, but this doesn't really affect the gameplay, you can still spawn the NPC's in the Adventurer's Guild to your own world through commands, interact with them, the mobs will have their powers, no bugs or no disadvantages, it's just that you can't see that map. Yesterday I started playing Minecraft again and the first plugin I searched was EM. I couldn't find it and after some research I found a discussion on this forum, someone said that the plugin requires files to be added, but since we can't do that, they asked why that plugin is included in Aternos. And I guess then EM was deleted from Aternos. But the reality is that the plugin doesn't require those files to work correctly as I mentioned above. I also checked more if there was another cause for EM to be deleted from Aternos and it also may be because of it's rather a big plugin though I didn't have any lag problems playing it on my potato computer. ^^

    So to summarize, I just wanted to ask that if EM is deleted for another factor, or just because of the Adventurer's Guild map thing. Thank you for reading this long text, (I can't express myself in short sentences :() and thanks again in advance.