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  • Hey can you help me with my thread in server?


  • hello sami whatsup

    • Goin fine, hows you?

    • awesome keep server in ok

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    • Sure.

    • your awesome

    • can we be friends

  • its been 3 days unban lol

  • adarsh unban

  • ayo unban me

  • tf?

  • uhh just tell me whenyour gonna unban me

  • Please go and unban SpongeBob I didn't do anything probably your admin did

  • just got banned for no reason i was not doing anything i was just playing random bedwars bitch probably banned cause jelous

  • pls tell your server to raid CustomCraft read this: Exposing CustomCraft

    you have a big server so this is why i asked

  • Sami this is LeafxSins and i have been trying to connect to your server could you kindly send me the new server ip As soon as possible im missing the server a lot...

    Warm Regards,


  • To my dearest Friend

    What is your texture pack that you use on your server

    (1.8 texture pack)

    From Your dearest Friend


  • Hey, just wanted to ask if you have any tips regarding optimization and memory. As my server has been running out of RAM pretty frequently resulting in crashes. Would be nice if you can give me some tips, I'm asking you this because I'm very impressed with your server it runs very smoothly even with a good amount of players for an aternos server. Thanks!

    Kind regards,


    • you can try removing some plugins and the number of worlds you have, and also their usage like tick speed.

      and I highly recommend looking at the timings report so you'll get an advanced view of what makes lag in your server!

    • Thanks have a nice day

    • Sorry for notifying you again, would like to ask whats the ideal number of plugins you should have or just how many plugins you have on your server thanks.

    • I have 40 plugins.

    • Alright thanks

  • yo how you make the forum website?