Going into the nether crashes the server

  • Hey there ! I have a serious problem on my modded server and even after reading the logs I can’t understand from where does this come, every time I try to go into the nether portal, the first time the server disconnects me with the « Internal Server Error » message, and when I try to reconnect and go into the nether again, the server crashes, I play with BYG so I wonder if this affects the nether, here are the logs : https://mclo.gs/wBL8Ioz

    I need your help Aternos community. :aternos:


  • Still not working unfortunately, I also tried to open a nether portal in solo and it worked, this means that the mods are probably not 100% responsible but something is maybe happening with the server... or maybe the world generation on the server, I have here the last logs, could it come from BYG ? I really don't want to delete this mod but... if it's my only way to play, I'll replace with with BOP and start a new world... but I hope they're better solutions...

    The logs : https://mclo.gs/uL26ddP