Vault Hunters Server Lag

  • Hello!

    I am here, a month later, making a thread about Vault Hunters. You guys at aternos, currently offer this modpack however, the server cannot handle the modpack as the tps lag is insane. It takes like 15 seconds for a block to break and everything moves very slow. I can confirm this is not my computer as it runs fine on a paid server. Please Please PLEASE fix this modpack as it is amazing to play and as it increases popularity, more people will not have the chance to play this modpack. Some things I can suggest about fixing this modpack is removing the mod "create" because yes, its in the modpack, but it has nothing to do with progression or how the game itself is played. This would improve the modpack because it takes up a quarter of the modpack itself and it would further increase performance on the server.

    If there is anything else you can do to improve the server for this modpack please do it, as this is my favorite modpack to play.

    Thank you!!!


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