Nomifactory GTCeu Rubber Sheet recipe fix?

  • I started a server with my friends recently and in the current version of Nomifactory GTCeu, the rubber sheet recipe is broken at the moment where it won't let you craft them using sticky resin and the gregtech hammer. There was a fix for it on reddit where you edit the normalmode.zs file so the recipe works again, but I can't add the edited .zs file on my server. It just shows me the world file, whitelist, etc. and it won't let me add a script folder to put the .zs in. please help! This bug basically makes it so you can't progress past the very early game, which is extremely frustrating.

    I have edited the .zs in the curseforge launcher, and it fixes the problem for all my singleplayer worlds, but on the server it still doesn't work.

    Rubber Sheet recipe not working?
    Hey, I just updated to the newest Version of Nomifactory CEu and now i can't hammer Sticky Resin into sheets anymore. The recipe still shows up in...