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  • Hello i would like to report a server. its called fireplus ( it is a crystal pvp server and the owner doxed me the only proof i have is in a other language image.pngi got him banned on this server image.png this means "stay chill, I won't give anyone your ip or qnlz" (qnlz is my friend)
    some people (not me) griefed his server and said he is going to dox them. Thank you image.png

  • We will not take action against this. First off, doxxing people by what i presume is the approximate location of their IP cannot really be called doxxing - because IPs never really give a proper approximate location better than the city that people live in, which also isnt always correctly shown.

    Secondly, it is not our responsibility to keep you safe on the internet, that would be yours alone.