Server Broke With New Version (datapack issue)

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  • So up until 1.20 released I was playing on my server that worked just fine. The server was for 1.19.4 and we were using two datapacks: Terralith and Incendium, both for 1.19.4. When 1.20 released the server automatically got updated to 1.20 and now it doesn't work. It crashes when i try to start it up. Here's what the crash log says: [17:07:22] [ServerMain/WARN]: Failed to load datapacks, can't proceed with server load. You can either fix your datapacks or reset to vanilla with --safeMode

    So did we really lose our world just because the game updated or is there a way to fix this and play again? I don't have any backups from before the update.