Is there an alternative way to create multiple worlds?

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  • I'm aware the Multiverse plugin helps generate multiple worlds, but I'm attempting to make a modded server. I tried launching with Mohist, but it'll stay stuck with a message saying "Checking libraries, please wait..." until it gives up on itself and crashes. Console told me to offload stuff, but I haven't added any plugins, mods or anything really. There's also Arclight but 1.19.2 is non-existent.

    Is there really no other way to generate multiple worlds without Multiverse plugin? Or is there maybe a Multiverse plugin in the form of a mod? If not, how can I fix the Mohist crashing issue so I can use the Multiverse plugin?

  • Unfortunate. Honestly I was just trying to avoid manually deleting chunks. But at the same time don't want to accidentally delete any progress/builds. So I thought it would be easier to delete/re-create another world meant for exploring.

    Guess I'll have to use MCA Selector for now.