Why is carpet mod not in aternos

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  • It was used to make fake players to make the server 24/7 so they had to remove it.

  • here is a note from the author of the carpet mod without /player :

    There is good news and bad news. The good news is we hit 1000 downloads a while ago. The bad news is, that after submitting it for being added, it got rejected, because Aternos cant accept mods that are specifically made for it. Afteg finally getting to talk to an Aternos staff I got a reason for it. Thats where the bad news starts. What the staff member said was, that they cant accept mods specifically made for Aternos, because there its most likely that someone is trying to cheat their system. I then told them about the source code. Then the staff member said they couldnt check a mods source code every update. Which is of course a very good and legitamed reason. And tbh we dont have another choice than accepting it. So it is not going to be added. Thats why I will archive the GitHub repository and the curseforge project. I also of course wont make newer versions, since it is absolutely pointless. I cant tell what will happen to the discord server, but I dont think there is a real point in letting it persist. Not sure about that tho. A huge thank you for all of your support! And no hate to any kind of Aternos member!