Aternos Website telling me that i have an ad blocker enabled, which i dont

  • hi yall,

    I`ve had a problem with the website telling me that i have an ad blocker installed(which is true, but its completely disabled for and the sites that provide the ads)

    as seen here:

    I use opera GX on version "LVL3 (core: 82.0.4227.50)" which has an ad/tracker blocker, also completely disabled as seen here:

    and here:

    The Website shows me the "You have an ad blocker enabled" page with the error codes 1540 and 327689



  • Have you checked if nothing else is blocking the ads, e.g. a antivirus software or a firewall. It's hard for us to know what exactly is blocking the ads on your computer or your network, but if you get the Adblock message then something is blocking the ads.

  • makes sense, its just a hassle to use 2 browsers side by side with Minecraft open too since my PC is a literal potato with 8GB ram installed and only 3 usable at any given moment and a Intel core i3, i just thought that the error codes are pretty long and would have to have a very specific reason to occur.

    Thanks anyways C: