how do popular servers have auto mob farms?

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  • I've always been curious of how the servers with youtubers and stuff have creeper farms and stuff, at first i thought it was just aternos, so i bought an apex server, that didn't solve the problem, so how do the servers like hermitcraft have creeper farms? i know the stuff about the weird player mob limits and stuff, but how does hermitcraft do it? :(

  • Creeper farms can be created and used in aternos servers, what do you mean?

    not in my experience, every single mob farm on aternos(even with no players online) dont work, for example creeper farms, in general mob farms, like those ones where all mobs spawn, and also most mob farms that do work only work at around 5% efficiency, and never, in my entire time on aternos servers, have i ever been able to make a slime farm work, which is one of the most important things in redstone stuff. There are a lot of reasons as to why they never work, and i understand that, but i am confused as to how you are able to make them work?

  • Mob farms work differently with different settings, like setting the difficulty to Hard Mode which would affect the hostile mob spawn rate. Another way to boost the mob spawn rate is to light up caves, ravines, and other areas that haven't been lighted up yet in a 128 block radius.

    Speed cuber who averages 20 seconds