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    First things first

    This is a suggestion to help notice users who haven't linked their email to know that their server is going to be deleted soon.

    All the comming stuff are my own thoughts and suggestions.

    The Idea:

    My idea is that you can see if a server is going to be deletd soon, even if you haven't linked your email.

    I know that the idea might sound stupid if you don't really think about it, but imagine this scenario:

    You have many shared servers and want to know if they're going to be deleted soon, but you haven't got an email address.
    Aternos is only notifying you through emails so your change to notice it is very, very low.

    You want a way to notice it.


    I have three ways to implement this:

    Way 1: Show it below the server Information

    Way 2: Show a PopUp (simmelar to the anti-adblock screen)

    Way 3: Show it on the side-bar

    I know this is just a small suggestion, but it could really help some people.

    Greetings, Jaegerwald