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    thats pretty easy let me make it simple for you if you want to use it for essentialsx and give your players permission to use tpa and home command just go tyep /lp group defualt permissions set essentialsx.tpa or essentialsx.home thats how you give perms to players and if you wanna add vip and stuff just make a new group and give them permission of the commands that you didint allowed default group to use easy btw if you want to give permission of any plugin just tyep /lp group defualt permissions set and name of that plugin then put a dot to see all permissions

    please please add the plugin the things you said are true but not completely true if you can add mythic mob which isint completely free plugin then why not elite mobs which is completely free the mobs at elite mobs can randomly spawn at world and the files you are talking about are the dungeons you can add if you want and buy just a little bit of changes on config you can just add those dungeons with multiverse-core and all the reasons to not add that plugin are useless tbh i have valid points please aternos check plugin again

    as i said you can just make some changes at the config and if you want you can add those files they arent necesery i played that plugin alot and i installed it at a premium server where i was staff

    soo ive been using aternos from a long long time but my fav plugin which is elite mobs isint available at aternos i tryed to suggest that plugin to aternos but it dosent add idk whats the reason i checked everything i could i found 0 reason to not add it and yes there is 1 reason that you have to add some extra files at folder of that plugin but with some config settings you can make it so you can use multiverse core to do it it would be awsome to add that plugin and sooo many people want it to be added at aternos here is link of the plugin⚔elitemobs⚔.40090/