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    (Vanilla server)

    (I don't have any logs since the server got deleted)

    Hi, some days ago a friend and me started a server (obviously hosted by me) in the version 1.18.2. But today I started playing by myself, joined the server and boom, it said that the server is in the version 1.19, I checked the server page in Aternos and I saw in the version that it updated to 1.19 automatically, when I tried to bring it back to 1.18.2 it said that it will delete the current world so I made a backup in that moment, then updated to 1.18.2, uploaded the world backup and it was a different world. The first thing I think is that the world my friend and I made got vanished from existence forever since it had to be deleted to update the server to 1.19, is there any way to recover my server?

    I don't think so since I looked at the backups tab in the server page and the only ones are the ones from that 1.19 server version and an old server I did a backup in 2020, but there isn't any backup of the 1.18.2 server I hosted some days ago.

    And if there's no way of recovering my server, how do I turn off that option?

    PD: if there isn't really any way to recover my server then I would like to suggest Aternos to delete that feature or just make servers to also make a backup before automatically update because I don't want this to happen to any other player. (I know this isn't a place for suggestions but I would like to put it here)