My server updated automatically and now I can't get back to the normal version

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  • (Vanilla server)

    (I don't have any logs since the server got deleted)

    Hi, some days ago a friend and me started a server (obviously hosted by me) in the version 1.18.2. But today I started playing by myself, joined the server and boom, it said that the server is in the version 1.19, I checked the server page in Aternos and I saw in the version that it updated to 1.19 automatically, when I tried to bring it back to 1.18.2 it said that it will delete the current world so I made a backup in that moment, then updated to 1.18.2, uploaded the world backup and it was a different world. The first thing I think is that the world my friend and I made got vanished from existence forever since it had to be deleted to update the server to 1.19, is there any way to recover my server?

    I don't think so since I looked at the backups tab in the server page and the only ones are the ones from that 1.19 server version and an old server I did a backup in 2020, but there isn't any backup of the 1.18.2 server I hosted some days ago.

    And if there's no way of recovering my server, how do I turn off that option?

    PD: if there isn't really any way to recover my server then I would like to suggest Aternos to delete that feature or just make servers to also make a backup before automatically update because I don't want this to happen to any other player. (I know this isn't a place for suggestions but I would like to put it here)

  • As you can see there are two different buttons that install the same exact version. The one with the arrow icon means that it updates automatically. You probably installed that one with 1.18.2 instead of just installing the normal 1.18.2.

    Also, there are already automatic backups that you can enable in the backups page, so making more backups would just fill up your Google Drive account.

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