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    So, on my single player world the mob cap is somewhere in the upper 70's. But on my server ALONE I cannot get the mob cap to get even above 60, I am using the exact same farm (a modified "ender ender") and when I am not killing the enderman, as stated, the highest I can get the mob cap is around 59. So my questions are as follows, Do multiplayer servers have a lowered mob cap? Is it just Aternos Servers? Is it a optimization with spigot or another plugin? and when there is 2 people on the server is the mob cap split? If so by how much. I would thank those who respond to my question(s) as My personal testing has very inconsistent results. :) Thanks for reading!

    You could download the map and re upload onto a new account there are of tutorials on how to do that, but just a warning. Depending on how much you have explored the download may be a couple gigabytes, can be a looooong download. Glad I helped!

    Another thing that you could do is make an account using a email you all know and then tell everyone the password so that anybody can open it with only one account, just make sure you trust them though. I do this with my friends on my server.

    OK, short and sweet question. My friend logged on to my server and the items in his enderchest were deleted and his inventory aswell. What should we do when this happens because It happened to me a while back and I eventually got my stuff back after I left, but when it happened to him we... cheated his stuff some of his stuff back in and hoped the rest would come back afterwards. It hasn't, should we have just left and let it fix it ourselves like I originally did, or did I originally get a lucky break. Ty in advance for any response.

    It might be just a glitch with recent versions of minecraft where "ghost blocks" are created which are blocks that you mined and broke, but are still there. You just need to interact with that block to fix it and it seems to be caused by your connection or computer because when I am on my singleplayer for a while it happens to me. The fps lag thing I have no clue what that is so good luck fixing it ;) hope I helped a bit.

    So, my problem seems to be a little bit like others and this is the second time it has happened, this is what happens. I am playing on my world with not a single plugin on it. I could just be doing anything from walking around to making a auto sorter. When I begin to lag out and I get kicked from the server. I check on and see my server is shutting down. Then when I re-open it everything I did in the last session is deleted? But then a few hours later I open up the server again and find that whatever I did before the random shut down is back and everything I did after is gone. Now I am just waiting for the world to fix itself like it did the first time but this is a bit of a pain. Is there something I can do to fix it? Or is it something out of my abilities?

    So, I normally cannot connect to the original ip that always stays the same but I usually use the old ips. But now it only shows IP (ex. and the port (ex. 41366). But neither of them work. I tried doing it like it was before and I went but that doesn't even register as an aternos server. So any solutions?