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  • Hello there Aternos Staff,

    Here's the situation, a friend of mine is using your hosting services to host a minecraft server so me and other friends can play in it but he has his life and can't always be at home to start the server and a question came up... Is it possible to get 2 registered Aternos accounts to "host" the same server and, in this way, be able to start it?

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

    Best regards,


  • Alright, thanks for the quick reply Roman!

    I do have another question though, there are a few friends of mine that live in Brazil and they sometimes have a hard time not to connect but to actually stabilize the connection lets say. Here's a more detailed explanation, they can login but get a time out a few seconds later and sometimes it takes them over 20 tries to actually login and be able to play... I was wondering if you guys currently have a selection service that would allow us to pick a region we'd like to host the server in, for example, between Europe and North America? If not, here's another question... Do you currently have a specific service that could transfer the current host of the server we're playing in to a better one?

    (P.S.: By a better hosting server i mean one that could work fine for all the parties envolved since we're a little spread over Europe and America.)

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

    Best Regards,


  • Another thing that you could do is make an account using a email you all know and then tell everyone the password so that anybody can open it with only one account, just make sure you trust them though. I do this with my friends on my server.

  • That's a good tip MrStealYoKills, thank you! Though there might be a problem since we already did a bunch of stuff in the server my friend's hosting... How would you suggest we make it work with 1 account without losing what we already have?

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

    Best regards,


  • You could download the map and re upload onto a new account there are of tutorials on how to do that, but just a warning. Depending on how much you have explored the download may be a couple gigabytes, can be a looooong download. Glad I helped!

    • Official Post

    Currently the complete Aternos system is hosted in Germany.

    We do not have servers in other locations or servers with another type of connection. All Aternos servers are connected the same way.

    However we know that we have players around the world, so we always try to ensure that our connection is good enough to offer a good service to all of our users around the globe.

    The problem for us is that we are not really able to test the quality of the connection from all over the world to our servers.

    So if you and your friends have a connection problem, and you are sure that your server isn't the cause(You can check that by reinstalling your server, switching to 1.12.2 and joining your server and see if you have the same problems) it would be great if you could provide us a so called traceroute.


    Make a traceroute to your server ip(ending with aternos.me), not to aternos.org

    Also we need your public ip, can be seen on http://myip.is/

    (You can DM me that sensitive data)

    The more people do that and send us their result, the higher is the chance that we are able to solve the problem.

    With this information we can troubleshoot connection problems and contact the ISP's which cause these problems.

    Such connection problems are very very very rare, but may occur. We already had such cases.

    On top we can only solve such problems with that data described above and it is very hard for us to gather this information.

    We already thought about the option to add other hosting locations like america our asia. The problem is that this is currently not financeable due to the huge amount of data we are transferring.

  • Thank you for the quick reply once again Roman .

    Well, firstly i'd like to say that Aternos is, for what i've seen, the most complete website in terms of hosting FREE Minecraft servers. Secondly, i would gladly provide you with a traceroute of the server but i do not have access to my friends account that is currently hosting it, though he will download the world of the server and will send it to me so we can fix the connection problems my friends have. As a third comment, i can tell you that we're playing in a Vanilla server with a max'ed version of 1.8.8.

    And thank you for the suggestion MrStealYoKills, that is something we will certainly do!

    (P.S.: When i have uploaded the world i will then send you in a DM all the information you just asked for Roman .)

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

    Best regards,


  • Roman

    Closed the thread.