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  • Roman, can u help me?

  • So my friend made a server and the spigot keeps having errors and we don't now how to fix it what should i tell them to do

  • hey admin help me pls? Fatally missing registry entries

  • hi can you add a seach bar and there u can type what kinds of servers u like pls :)

  • ssssssssssssss

  • heyyy roman can you help me pls

    Forge 1.12.2 Server Log [#Yd9d2sz]
    2157 lines | 28 errors

  • roman my server is off on in 9

  • Hi Roman, can you take a look on my log please ? I can't stop crashing even if the mods work well all together in solo.

    TY for your help :)


  • Why have you removed the plugin "ultimate auto restart"?

    You added it and now it's gone ;(

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    Please add it again, i used it a lot on my servers to turn it off automatically

  • bro Roman pls close my threaddd plsss

  • Roman! Theres a new 6b6_forever and they hack simple servers!

  • somebody is hax in aternos

  • failed to synchronize registry data from server, closing connection как это исправить

  • bro help me where is the button to delete the thread/post

    • theres no delete button

  • i would like to ask why the threds are being closed?

  • Hello again, sorry for my bother now and last time with the problem with the modes, I would be totally grateful if you could help me with my probpema with datapacks, thanks a lot. :aternos:

  • gta 4 reference ayo

  • . Hola , tengo un problema al entrar desde Tlauncher a mi server de aternos, me carga todo perfectamente en el servidor y en minecraft, pero al ingresar ya al mundo me sale el mensaje: internal Exception: io.netty.handler.codec. DecoderException: varIntArray con tamaño 110 es más grande que lo permitido 58


  • the address of the server in question is

    allow-nether=true is still not work

  • Hello, Roman

    I have a brand new forge minecraft server on Aternos (ofc) that when i start it and try to join it says "Unexpected custom data from client" not only for me, but for all players who try to enter the server. I will post you the client log . i will be totally grateful if you can help me with this preoblem.

    Thank you! :)

  • ws

  • the gen mod isnt working :(

  • Hey können Sie mir eventuell helfen bei meinem Problem?

  • Hello

  • pls help me here is the place pls help i need help

  • hello I need help when I want to install the ZOO AND WILD ANIMALS REBUILT mod in version 1.12.2 it appears to me that there are no compatible versions and I had another world in which if I was there could you help me with that please



  • hi please read my forums i need a huge help plzzz

  • Help me