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  • Roman, please bring back the forums. Please.

    I made some great memories.

    I know it might not be exactly feasible to bring it back.

    But is a dire inconvenience to us who love the forums and servers that are on it.

    So please.

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  • i cant see serever and ip why ?

  • bring back fourms

  • hey roman i cant create threats and i am banned from server list idk what i did

  • hey roman i am going with this issue with this mod how am I able to fix it , here is the log link

    Weird problem with Decimation - Mods/Modpacks - Aternos Community

  • i can install this mod although it is available on forge

    please,help me

  • greetings i have an issue about my server where my survival world is not saving and i get back to my respawn point but i have my stuff can u pls help me fix this issue this is my server

  • hi am big fan

  • hi this is a mod for fisksuperhoes…isks-superheroes-heropack i tried to put this on suggest but it is showing error can you put this mod in aternos

  • Very good, excuse me, why don't you put the mod: BetterEnd Forge, I would like you to put it please. ;(

  • hello , someone added his server on my own thread :(


    Nie mogę dołączyć na własny serwer i pokazuje się takie powiadomienie

    Internal Exception: io.netty.handler.codec.DecoderException: Unknown serializer type 26 proszę o pomoc muszę wejść na ten serwer jak najszybciej

  • Hello Roman can i please have help my friend banned me and he is trying to unban me but its not working whenever we type in a command it says cant unban because the player isn't banned but I'm indeed still unbanned i noticed you helped people with the same issue so can you please help me


    uhh will you join i am verryyy alone pls


    Join my server

  • hey Roman guess what

  • how is your user have id 1 when there is forum accounts that was created at 2015

  • please help me


    uses a robot which is connected all the time and which jumps to imitate a player which is prohibited: Bypassing or extending the shutdown routine which stops servers without active players, in particular by…

    … using fake players, for example bots.

  • why dose aternos bot always close my thread?

  • hey can you guys add land claiming on spigot for 1.19.3

  • hallo kannst du mir helfen ?


  • hlo bro do u have a server with herobrine or any other entity i am so boared if u get pls pin it to aternos

  • Hi, there is a bug in 1.19.60 when you use teleportation/pearls your body will stuck(I mean your main body just like lag) but you still can kill,break blocks,interact if you further away where you teleport you can't break blocks anymore just like lagging.. you can break the blocks but it pop up again :)

    Can someone help me?

    Well I tried normal world(not on server) the pearls/teleportation works fine...

  • Hello! I've seen you are an active member, wanna play together?

    I am more "og" than my account says, I hope you undrestand so I don't have to explain...

    Name: OdysseuN


  • please help me please. :( :( :( ;(

  • hey i have a problem with one certain server and it says this "internal exception connection reset" is there a fix for this? it only happens to the one server and when i use the backup to reupload it to a new server it says the same thing

    i am currently using forge software and on the latest minecraft version which is 1.19.3

  • Hey there, might you check the post I had written January 12th on "Feedback/Suggestion" when you have time? In a nutshell, I wanted to suggest the plugily plugins back in since they're back on SpigotMC but the Suggestion/Request tab doesn't allow me to do so. So I was wondering if you could fix the issue or simply add the plugins in. Thank you regardless.

  • Hey my neither portal is just whooping and not teleporting me into the neither and gives me error "unknown dimension 'minecraft:neither' and i tried ever single possible way

  • Meine addons die neue biome und neue dungeons hinzufügen sollen funktionieren nicht. Ich habe die experimentellen Feautures aktiviert aber dennoch laden keine neuen biome/dungeons. Weist du was ich machen kann?