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  • the server is

  • i need i just wanna prank my friend

  • hi Roman can u give me acces at all of this server nobody plays its a server from a group can u make me?

  • Hey man,

    I recently created a server for pixelmon, when my friend joins he can move around for a few seconds and then freezes. A fix for this ?

  • Hello sir How can re upload my thread? please answer fast


    Dobrý den, chtěl bych požádat o přidání tohoto modpacku Identity SMP, najdete ho na curseforge zde je odkaz na modpack

  • Hey Bro You Just told me to put the log in my thread, i have done it now pls help

  • bro pls help me in my thread

  • u are trash guy haha jk

  • engineer

  • hey, do you know why my pixelmon server hasn't yet updated?

  • how to delete a thread? i need help

  • ay bro how to delete a wall , and how to create 2 threads pls tell us

  • I am new here soo I create a thread on serverlist but now i cant create another one ! help me out plz

  • i posted a thread 2 days ago and cant find it in the list pls help me

  • hey is there a way you can make a server 24/7 if there is please tell me

  • plsss join

  • problem this appears when i try to log in to server

    Internal Exception io.netty.handler.codec.DecoderException:

    io.netty.handler.codec.EncoderException: Failed to decode: Not a tag id


    erworld".has_ceiling:0b/has raids:1b.has_skylight:1b.height:384.infiburn:"mi

    necraft:infiburn overworld".logical_height:384.min_y-64.natural:1b.piglin_


    • update i restarted my computer it worked

  • hi

  • hello, do you have a server? i would love to join!

    • no official server except for or

  • please join my server

  • what ar yhe plugins that will alow to urse multiple resource packs

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  • Hey you removed a plugin named elite mobs cuz a guy said that it require files and you cant upload files at the plugins folder but those files were just dungeons for that plugin they arent nesecery all you need is some changes at config and multiverse core to use those dungeons please add it back ill be thankful :aternos: :aternos: :) :)

  • này bạn

  • Keep up the good work!

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  • You are my favorite engenier on aternos lol

  • can you help me?

  • can you make it so I can just drag my config files in the server? please thanks

    :) :aternos:

  • Roman pls reply my thread plssss