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  • I tried launching my server, but my server got updated to pixelmon 9.0.0, while my version is 8.4.2 i also used to play on 1,12,2 but now its 1.16.5, what is this ? I cannot play i hope there is a fix for this, i have backups of my world, just tell me what to do. It messes everything up please help

  • Corbsmaster' account is NOT a support page, its a wall where you can ask him how it's going for example. Please make an actual support thread over at one of the tabs depending on the situation! I will comment this to every person asking for support here from now on. You may find this overdramatic but this is the hard thruth.


    - Aternos ( discord ) helper James

    • Hi I was playing quite properly in my server and I threw today because I had to throw delete reload the plug my server and I do not remember my map was an error mesj and all / My pluginim deleted in the meantime I am Turkish
  • Jak przywrucić serwer bo ktoś mi go usunoł

    • Hey! Please post your support requests in the forum in a supported language. (I'm afraid I don't understand your language)

    • Press the 'Restorebackup'

  • what your server ip:
    i want to help

  • i know how

  • How Do You Add Admins And Staff To Our Server?