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  • please help me :( :( ;( ;(

  • hello, I have a problem on the aternos server, which is that I can't break blocks. Do you know the solution to that problem?

  • Lol, guess it's my yearly check-in. Last wall post was June 23, 2020 xD

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  • hey

  • Which is best way to trll peopl in aaternos erver


    Reason: Ignorant

  • how can i add vault to 1.12

  • hei! Welcome back to forums :3

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    • Thanks, I pop in once in a while. I just read your last post on my account and lmaoooo, it's always fun to see people write on my page. I like helping people :)

    • Yeah, same.

      Although i believe walls shouldn't be used for help but for normal things.

      Also looking back at that, that was a year ago.. I was helper only recently back then i think, and got mod on the discord only a few months before that

    • I was very active back in 2015 because I loved the aternos community and i was looking for a free server host since I was just a kid. Then after a while of being active on the forums and helping people, I got the helper role. I just joined the discord, and it's a little chaotic. Over the past few years I've been going to college and haven't used Aternos in a while because my PC can handle basically any modpack now, so I dont have to worry about not having enough power. Fun fact, I actually got Aternos their instagram name :) They used to be Aternosorg because someone had Aternos, then one day when I was looking, I saw no one had it, so i snagged it for them :)

    • Yeah, discord is especially a bit chaotic due to the queue times currently and 1.16 having come out today (always fun). Lucky with the pc :) And that instagram name was lucky, i never knew this. Nice to know tho! How's it going in college?

    • It's a sad day. Diamonds will always be #1 in my heart <3 Netherrite is overrated (jk unless...)

      College has been going really well and really fast. I just finished up my 3rd year, so Im a senior now on my last year of my undergraduate program. Im majoring in computer science and minoring in business administration, and im hoping to go to graduate school to get a masters in business administration. Not so sure what i want to do yet but i love coding/programming :)

  • Please can you add flan's mod and alcara content pack to mods on aternos very please🙏🙏🙏🙏

    • Better late than never, you can make a mod suggestion in the forums. :)

  • i would like to have my account re activated if possible or direct me to the proper staff

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    • Happy belated 1 year of having a deactivated account. (jk ily <3)

  • FaZeDarkStar's account is NOT a support page, its a wall where you can ask him how it's going for example. Please make an actual support thread over at one of the tabs depending on the situation! I will comment this to every person asking for support here from now on. You may find this overdramatic but this is the hard thruth.


    - Aternos ( discord ) helper James

    you will see this message at every wall that has support questions in it. Please be aware

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  • how do u get to the new thingamob

    • you just ask it nicely and youll get the thingamob from the thingamabob. :)

  • estou criando um serve de minigames e quero colocar sistema de vips ja crei o site mas com eu consigo a pasta do serve

    • Hablo poco espanol. Lo sieto. No se possible.

  • How would I be able to get Optifine on the server when it's not available on the mods list??

    • optifine is client side, so the server does not need the mod, only you do.

  • Happy Birthday !

  • Hey FaZeDarkStar i want to ask u something, why do i cant use beta plugin on my server??

    • Im assuming aternos only uses fully released plugins, sorry <3

  • i want yo join your server is very cool :}

    • I dont use my server too often anymore :)

  • what is you server ip:

  • hi all
    i m new

  • hey ur comment on groupermslite helped me a lot all tho it took me time ive got my ranks all done

  • HI im new her, my english is not so good ... but i have a question. how can i write in a chat?

  • hey, is there anyway to fix this issue, i start a server and then it says stopping 5 minutes later, never gets a chance to start

  • hello can you do for me a favor?

    • What do you need?

    • please add agrarian skies modpack look to my theard

  • can you please add groupmanager

  • Can aternos.org add the Flans mod

  • Kann aternos.org die Flans mod hinzufügen

  • Are we going to be able to add Single mods yet? Or is it not added in?

  • Any one Can help me?

  • Fazze

  • Bro I Got A Question Is There A Way To Replace My Player Capacity 10 to like 2000 or 10000 If There Is Way Pls Tell Me
    And Can I Upload My Modpack Pls Answer Both Of This Question

    • 10 is max and you cant upload your own modpack sorry