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    In my server, I am using the Voice Chat mod (…c-mods/simple-voice-chat/), but it needs the port to be changed to work properly. On the wiki it says "

    • Make sure you opened the voice chat port on your server (24454/udp by default)
      • You can change the port in the server config (port)
    • Some Minecraft server hosters or servers with multiple network adapters require you to bind the voice chat to a specific IP address
      • You can set this address in the server config (bind_address)
      • Use to not bind to a specific address (This is the default value)
      • Don't use this option if you don't know what you are doing

      " where can I change the port? Can I even change the port? If I can't, are there any other ways I can use this mod? If not are there and Fabric alternatives that can work? I want the mod to be server-side, so I can use Optifine, and I also use sodium on the server so it runs better.

    Can you give us the full path of where the .nbs files have to go? I can request it to be whitelisted for uploading

    It looks like you need a plugin called NoteBlockMusicPlayer to tell NoteblockAPI what to do, although im not sure if you can upload .nbs files for it, it might just have its own library of songs.

    I'm putting the Noteblock API plugin onto my server, and I want to put my .nbs file onto my world. How do I do this? Is there some place i'm supposed to put it? will it work for others on the server? Is this not possible?


    I have an idea but you will need to figure out how to get it to work, so if some one wants to join your server they will press the join server button and the code would see that someone want's to join so it will start the server and then they can join shortly after.

    I like that Idea, if it makes them wait in a que until the server starts up or something. Currently I have to get all my server members to get a aternos account, and give them permission to start the server, which is time consuming, so if you know how I would be able to do this that would be great! Thanks.

    You will have to delete the Nether, then it should work. I haven’t tried it out yet, but I’m going to update my server when 1.16 comes out (if they release it on aternos today)

    I was wondering if updating a server to a new version would erase the whole world, and if it does, is there any way to update it and only erase the nether (for the nether update). If none of that works is there a way to save the over-world and update it, then import the over-world as to not delete any content? Thanks.

    Half the people hate you, and half the people like you. I’d say I’m somewhere in between. I have respect that you do all of this, but your reply’s could use some more thought....


    Are you the only guy that still works on Aternos? Or do your friends do other things besides looking at the forum 24/7?

    Oh and also, why can’t you guys just add in something where you can upload any plug-ins/mods? Do you have a good reason, or is your life goal to have the worst customer service ever?

    Hi Aternos Team, can you please add the following plugin?

    This plugin is called more mob heads (by Xisumavoid), and it is a headdrop plugin. The current mob head drop plugin does not work, so i wanted you guys to add this one.

    Plugin link:

    Description: This is the mob headdrop plugin used on the hermitcraft server, and it would be very useful in my server. We can do head collection games, we can decorate, and so much more!

    Thank you!


    I really want Xisumavoid's plugin 'More Mod Heads' To be added to the game, because the current head drops for players and mobs, is not working with the current version of minecraft. I want this one or another one to fill in the place of the faulty plugin that is there now.