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    I understand what you're saying, but no, I am not mixing up servers and it was definitely there. It was the server I played on with my daughter.

    As I said, I was in it recently to update my mods. I even listed the dates up there. But the server I havent been in.. is much older and I was not in it due to errors that I wasn't sure how to fix. I would not have been surprised if that one had been deleted due to non-use.. but it's still there. The deleted one that the one I'm writing about, I definitely was in.

    It seems there is no hope in restoring it and I saw my pc going bad on me and that just happened to be a file I didn't get the chance to backup before it went completely kaput.

    Thank you all for the information though. I'll definitely remember to backup the new server.

    Then the server got started within the last three months.

    Sorry it took a while to respond. My pc fan decided to die on me. Anyways, to answer you, yes, it was started within the last three months. More than once in fact. When I logged in today, it still tells me to create a server. But like I said, where did my server go? It can't be due to not logging in, because I've logged in recently. Also, again, a server I have that is much older, is still there without issues.

    I will be sure to remember to back up my servers more often but for right now, is there any reasonable explanation as to why my current server is gone and is there any way to retrieve it?

    I can of course start all over, but aww man I'd really hate to have to ..

    Thanks again in advance.

    Thanks for that info Toothy..

    I understand what you're saying..but this is still a server that I accessed recently, even if I did not play for a length of time at that moment, but went in to confirm that my updated mods worked (which they did) ..meanwhile a server I have that is much older that I have not used because I was having trouble with it still there and active.

    Thank you for that link, I had read that page.

    I totally understand the info there, but since I have an older server that I have not used for at least several months and it's still there without change, is another reason I am confused why a server left for a short time is gone.

    Also, let me further clarify, I have not "played" on the server, but I signed into the server and updated my installed mods on Nov 3rd, 28th and Dec 13th, then went in game just to make sure the mods didn't cause any crashes... and I was able to do that with no problem.

    Thanks for responding.

    The last time I used it was right around Thanksgiving I think. I tried the backup link you have there but it just takes me to the same" create a server" screen. I can't access anything other than my account info.

    I would like to be able to play multiplayer with friends who can't use mods, without having to remove the mods from my server. I was told I could change the folder for every profile in the official launcher. That it will also change where the mods are loaded from.

    I have zero clue how to do this..I'm new to mods as it is. Can anyone please tell me how? I don't want to have to take my mods in and out..but I'd like friends to be able to play with me on my server..

    Thanks in advance.


    Thanks for answering.

    Just so I'm clear..and sorry for the maybe dumb question..

    So if I have 10 mods in my server, anyone who wants to join in multiplayer with me..must also have ALL 10?

    Some don't have the mods because their games lag too much to be any fun..but the mods work fine for me, I like them and don't want to remove them because I also use them in single player mode.

    Is there a way around this?

    Thanks again..


    My question is about the incompatible fml modded server error...hopefully I make sense.

    I've added Forge and mods to my server. Adding Forge was not a problem in multiplayer, but ever since I added mods, friends get a red X where my server is on the list and they get the "incompatible FML modded server message list not compatible" error.

    Some friends don't want mods. Some want mods but not ALL the mods. But the mods they do have are the same versions and we all have the same version of Forge.

    So what's blocking them from the server? Is it because they don't have all the mods? Must they have every mod the server has in order to get on?

    I'm still learning this stuff so I am unsure how to fix this.

    Thanks in advance..

    Hello Aternos Team,

    Can you please add the mod "Advanced Runtime Resource Pack" (arrp)

    Here is the link:…ntime-resource-pack-forge

    I'd like to add Simple Colored Blocks mod to my server, but it is dependent on the ARRP mod to run. When trying to run my server, it crashed and Aternos offers to 'solve' the issue, but it then doesn't find the mod. The mod is free, isn't outdated and is distributed on Curseforge. I know a mod request should have at least 1000 downloads and while the arrp mod only has a few hundred, the Simple colored blocks it's used with has over 80k..and the arrp mod is needed to run Simple Colored Blocks.

    Here is the link to Simple Colored Blocks in case it's needed:…ods/simple-colored-blocks

    I apologize if this has been asked before..but I did search first and did not see it anywhere.

    Thank you for your help :)

    Best regards..