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    So my voice chat doesnt work like it eorked for one minute and than timed out from voice chat and idk why i have 500 ping if i have a 100 mbps download and 50 upload

    I contacted the dev for help but still nothing

    He told me to contact aternos :aternos:

    It's not hard. Hashing exists since computers exist, I think. And if we would just allow files that are already available on "trusted sites" then we could just integrate them in our mod installer...

    The second problem is that some developers of mods don't allow sharing the mods like Good OI' Money

    To be honest, thanks for your effort in trying to make Aternos better. But we do this Aternos thing for nearly ten years now, do you really think that you could solve these problems so easily?

    I'm not telling that this problem is easy to solve but in the future of aternos if its tried it will work

    So I questioned myself why aternos doesn't allow FTP access, and I got an idea for how to make aternos put FTP access.

    First for security reasons aternos need to make the users pay 0$ to get their info in case they put a virus jar or a hacking script

    In Faq, they need to put the data from the credit card that will not be exposed and it's mainly for security reasons.

    The first problem is solved.

    The second problem is modifying the jar file and config.

    I know it is very hard to make an algorithm to detect a modified jar but it's possible if it tried

    The algorithm needs to search on curse forge or other trusted sites, download the file, and inspect it to compare the jar that it has been instaled.

    The second problem is solved.

    I know this is hard to make because I made an internal server too from scratch, but from hard work from the aternos team, this will be possible, and a lot more users will be happy and more users will come.

    Hope this message will get the aternos team's eyes. :aternos: :/ :thumbup:

    So i use gmoney but i can't sell materials for money i instaled EsentialsX and i don't find,yml. for money config.Than i searched again and i didn't find esentials economy so tahats why so anyone can help me? :(

    So i wanted to start a server with pulgins. And i put some pulgins and i started but when i invited my friends they cannot have the pulgins, they only have the pulgins when they have op same with me.

    So i can make the pulgins to work without get them op.

    Because they will use creative and they will get mats etc if they have op,and i want to use op for only me