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    [Though this hasn't happened today, I'm still writing about this as it's an issue I've had for about a month or two now.]

    I own a server [Vanilla 1.16.2, Java Edition], and I play on it daily with my friends. An issue that we've been experiencing [all of us have dealt with this happening to us at least 5 times now, for no reason whatsoever] is that we'll just be walking around/talking in chat/building, and then we'll be banned by the system [by system, I mean the Aternos system, which does this in console], stating "You have been idle for too long. This violates our terms of service: [link to Aternos ToS]."

    One of my friends, Vix [their forums username is Cateletama], has actually talked about this issue before, but their thread was closed instantly with no response provided. In their thread, they mentioned someone getting banned mere seconds after joining, which I can confirm, as I was the one who was banned. Though I can just unban anyone who gets banned from this, it's still very annoying, especially when in the situation where I was banned seconds after joining, I went and unbanned myself, rejoined, and then got banned again a few minutes later for the exact same reason, despite not being AFK. This bug doesn't seem to happen every day, but it happens about 4-5 times to the same person within an hour whenever it does, making it quite annoying to deal with.

    Sorry if this didn't make loads of sense, It's 4:30 AM right now and I'm writing this out of pure anger from the fact that Vix's thread was just closed and ignored, and that this bug still isn't fixed.

    -Ray [Redacted]