System banning people for "being idle for too long" despite not even being AFK, and moving around/talking

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  • [Though this hasn't happened today, I'm still writing about this as it's an issue I've had for about a month or two now.]

    I own a server [Vanilla 1.16.2, Java Edition], and I play on it daily with my friends. An issue that we've been experiencing [all of us have dealt with this happening to us at least 5 times now, for no reason whatsoever] is that we'll just be walking around/talking in chat/building, and then we'll be banned by the system [by system, I mean the Aternos system, which does this in console], stating "You have been idle for too long. This violates our terms of service: [link to Aternos ToS]."

    One of my friends, Vix [their forums username is Cateletama], has actually talked about this issue before, but their thread was closed instantly with no response provided. In their thread, they mentioned someone getting banned mere seconds after joining, which I can confirm, as I was the one who was banned. Though I can just unban anyone who gets banned from this, it's still very annoying, especially when in the situation where I was banned seconds after joining, I went and unbanned myself, rejoined, and then got banned again a few minutes later for the exact same reason, despite not being AFK. This bug doesn't seem to happen every day, but it happens about 4-5 times to the same person within an hour whenever it does, making it quite annoying to deal with.

    Sorry if this didn't make loads of sense, It's 4:30 AM right now and I'm writing this out of pure anger from the fact that Vix's thread was just closed and ignored, and that this bug still isn't fixed.

    -Ray [Redacted]

    • Official Post

    As long as a player is doing anything, they won't be kicked for being AFK. If a player is kicked/banned for being AFK, it means they were not doing anything.

    The fact that only one player (who when they last logged out were sitting in spectator mode somewhere far out in the servers world) is affected by this over and over again clearly shows that there is no general issue, there is just a player on your server who continues to be AFK.

    [all of us have dealt with this happening to us at least 5 times now, for no reason whatsoever]

    That's simply not true. Besides the one player who is getting banned over and over again, there are only two other players who were each banned once (and I'm pretty certain that these bans weren't false positives either).

    Please also note that continuously unbanning players who were banned for circumventing the idle timeout can result in the suspension of your Aternos account.

  • Kurt

    Closed the thread.