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    Что говорит Adriel, так это то, что объем оперативной памяти зависит от программного обеспечения и версии сервера.

    (i used google translate to say this message. I don't actually know russian)

    This forum only supports English and German.. because the forum software developers and Aternos workers speak that language.

    I think the forum is suffocated by the English language

    Most people here speak English... barely anyone speaks Russian here.

    I suggest creating a separate category "Russian" for Russian speakers, where they could discuss their Problems/Difficulties/ etc, also assign one Russian-speaking support there, who could direct and discuss their problems with someone.

    Why would they do that? There is no need for that. Also, basically everyone who works at Aternos speaks German.

    I believe that this would greatly help your platform to take a step towards development. :/

    Aternos is not in beta or alpha.. it is fully released... :/

    I was on the EssentialsX download page (checking the changelogs) when a message came to my attention:

    Do not use Mohist.


    I clicked on it and read this:

    So should I use Mohist?

    I tried to Op myself and the command blocks seem to work, but I don't want to be Op just to use the command blocks. It might be a setting from one of the plugins.

    By default in Vanilla Minecraft, you have to be OP to use Command Blocks.

    You can't change that.

    (even if you op yourself, configure the command block, place a pressure plate, deop yourself, and try stepping on the pressure plate it won't work..)


    You know you didn't have to do that

    I know many people have posted this problem before, but none have helped. I have read through many posts that have stated this problem and the most common solution was fixing a version mismatch. This does not help for me because I have painstakingly checked all my versions and they match to a T. I have LatoOrigins, API, Origins, Origins plus, Pekhui, and Origins Umbrellas. I also have two datapacks installed called Thestral V3 and hive-main.

    Everything matches up, my versions are not incorrect, yet I still get the connection lost message.

    Please share your log. Also, what error message does it give (other than connection lost)

    if I do this I get a message saying this mod was installed with better caves please fix this problem

    and then it crashes before the server starts...

    gonna have to start a new world?

    Try adding Better Caves back, and if the block glitch still occurs, then you'll have to remove it and make a new world.