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    As first, I'm surpressed that your friend playing on a PS4 is able to join at all. Normally console players can't join custom servers due to licensing/terms regulations.

    I don't really know why that problem appears, you might have more luck asking on the Geyser discord/forum

    It is possible for my friend on PS4 to join. You are right that the PS4 version of Minecraft doesn't normally allow you join custom servers, but that wouldn't stop us. There is an app called BedrockTogether (on iOS and Android). Essentially, what it does is it creates a LAN network and you connect to that and you'll end to the server.


    My friend and I are trying to play Minecraft together. She has a PS4 which means she is on Bedrock Edition and I am on the PC using the Java edition here. I am fairly new to Minecraft, so I might not have everything together. So let me explain what I have done and the issue we are facing:

    1) I am using Aternos to host the server and am running Spigot 1.17.1. I installed Geyser. From my understanding, this is preconfigured already and nothing needs to be done.

    My friend is able to connect successfuly to the server but she is unable to open her inventory sometimes. Any ideas on why this is the case? I am not having the inventory issues that she has.