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  • Today I was playing on a 1.12.2 server with mods. The server is owned by one of my friends. My friend lost that account some weeks ago ,when he tried to join and he cant join. No one else know his password on account. I still had full access to server. I was ready to join the server when it stopped. I didn't stopped, and no one else had access except one friend(he had access only to start server).After that the server crashed because some mods were added. I removed them. After i removed then I lost access to server. I called my friend, if he did this, he said he cant login into his account. In this time I was got again access to server, but I saw at access list someone named

    1. kurna

    I don't know who he is so i removed him from access. After that the server started(not I started it).

    At access list there were some more user names: kurna,David,fucka,fucker. I got scared and I removed them all.

    I shown to my friends this on Discord ,no one of them could do this because no one know my password or my friend's one and no one of them have one of these names(kurna,David).

    After that on my mods were missing and another mods were added- I removed them and I lost access to manage mods and

    files. At access list were again those names. I was removing them but at 30-40 seconds new ones appear.

    Some of them were:

    (exactly in this order): Pewdiepie


    I continued to remove these names. but very fast new ones appear.

    Then those names were making sentences:




    This was one of them.also:




    I removed again these names and then when to go back to main page it said that there is an error. I refreshed the page and I lost that server.

    I would like a lot if you can find him.

    ....Sorry for bad English.