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  • ——————————✧◇☆《Lifesteal SMP S2》☆◇✧———————————

    Welcome to! A Lifesteal server with lots of new updates with many plugins and datapacks that will improve your experience to have with many other players on the server.


    ⊙°★¤Join our discord server to See more info¤★°⊙


    》 We are using the Aternos Host !

    》From Versions 1.9.x to 1.19.x (latest) users can connect to the server!

    》The server is using Paper/bukkit Software !

    》Server Ram limit upto 2600 MB !

    》We offer lots of plugins and datapacks !

    》You can find our Server Rules in our discord server !

    【 🎮 】▪︎Growing community▪︎

    》Many players mostly plays on this server! come and join them anywhere anytime 24/7!

    【📚】▪︎Custom enchants▪︎

    》40+ New Enchantments! New enchants that will spice up your gameplay!

    》 Use /ces in chat to open custom enchants shop!

    【 🐕】▪︎Pets▪︎

    》 Summon pets feed them to level-up and let them help you in fight!

    》 Use /smallpets to open pet GUI !


    》Sit,Lay,Crawl and Bellyflop!

    》 Use /gsit sit/lay/crawl/bellyflop in chat !

    》 Click on carpets/stairs to sit on it !


    》Cash balance use them for buying/selling items..!

    》Automatically claim Your cash on first time joining the server ! (upto $1 million)

    》Use /shop in chat to open a shop GUI, where you can buy any game items!

    》get 10-100$ upon killing mobs/players!

    》economy is everything use /Bal!


    》Life is important here, Survive!

    》Upon killing peoples you'll steal 1 heart from the player whereas he loses 1 from his healthbar and if you got killed then you loses 1 heart from your healthbar whereas the opponent gets it !

    【🏡】▪︎Set Homes▪︎

    》 My home , Sweet home

    》Set Your Home To Teleport There Anytime !

    》 Set multiple homes upto 3

    》Use /sethome <home name>

    【🔰】▪︎Grief Prevention ▪︎

    》Protect Your Base From Others!

    》Use a gold shovel to claim it !

    【☄】▪︎Auction House▪︎

    》Trade with others players for special items!

    》 Use /ah to open auction house GUI !


    》Lot Of new places to visit!

    》 use /warps to see all existing wraps!

    》 use /warp <warp name> to warp/tp that place!

    【🔐】▪︎Login Security▪︎

    》No One Can Access To Your Account, Protect your account from strangers!

    》On joining the server for first time,

    Use /register <your new password> <retype password>

    》On rejoining the server Use /login <your password>

    【🏞】▪︎Random Teleport▪︎

    》Teleport To A Random Location

    》Use /Rtp or /wild

    【🗡】▪︎Advance Weapons and Combat weaponry/armoury▪︎

    》Added new custom tools , armours to spice up your gameplay!

    》 Check the crafting table for the crafting recipe !

    》 Use /dust to buy dusts from Dust shop which are used in buying advance items!

    》 Use /ce to buy advance items!

    【📈】▪︎Health indicator ▪︎

    》Shows the remaining health of an entity !


    》 Back on death

    》Use /back to return to your death location !


    》 Everybody are known with a name

    》 Use /nick <name> to get a new name

    》 you can use colour codes too e.g. /nick &9j&ae&cb&d_&e_


    》Teleport to your bed at any location !

    》 Set your respawn location on a bed and teleport there anytime using/bed

    【👬】▪︎Better Teams▪︎

    》Create teams build team bases , defeat other teams ! Team work makes a dream work !

    》Use /team for info !

    【⚡】▪︎Lagg remover ▪︎

    》Remove those useless items that drop down FPS on your PC !

    》use /lagg clear to remove useless ground items !


    》 1vs1 an opponent

    》 Use /duel <playername> to open duel GUI !

    【🌐】▪︎World Spawn▪︎

    》 Teleport to the world spawn from any location !

    》 Use /spawn !


    》Earn your salary by doing Jobs !

    》Use /jobs to open the GUI !

    【🎆】▪︎Custom ores▪︎

    》 Add new ores to the server to spice up grinding!

    》these new ores cannot be found in shop !

    【🧟‍♂️】▪︎Mythic Mobs▪︎

    》Adds new mythical mobs and booses to the server to spice up your survival !

    》 Some mobs can 2-3 hit in protection:4 diamond armour !

    》 These mobs/bosses have a chance to drop great expensive items !

    【🛌】▪︎One player sleep ▪︎

    》 Sweet Dreams

    》 requires only one player to sleep in night to make it day !

    【🎆】▪︎Ore generator▪︎

    》This have a chance to generate underground ores in a cobblestone generator!


    》 Do daily/monthly/weekly quests to win great rewards !

    【🏃‍♀️】▪︎scoreboard ▪︎

    》Shows your current status like your pos, coords, gamemode, ping, ip etc.. on your right sidebar !

    》 use /sb toggle to turn on/off your scoreboard status !


    》right click on an NPC to open the NPC's GUI from where you can trade for his valuables or it can execute commands !

    【🏛】▪︎Silk spawners ▪︎

    》Break spawners having a silk-touch enchantment pickaxe to collect the spawner and place it wherever you want !


    》 Teleport to other players !

    》Use /tpa <player name>

    》 if you receive a teleport request use /tpaccept or /tpyes.

    》 if you want to reject tp request use /tpdeny or /tpno.

    【🙂】▪︎Skin restorer▪︎

    》Changes your current skin !

    》 use /skin set <premium player name>

    》 use /skin url <skin url>

    【💠】▪︎Slime fun▪︎

    》Adds new enhanced items to the Server

    》For slime fun guide visit site


    》Adds thirsty to the server to spice up your survival!

    》requires a glass bottle filled with water, when you start felling dehydrated use the water bottle or jump into the water !

    【👀】▪︎Trade system ▪︎

    》 Trade for items with your friends

    》use /trade <player name> the player you want to trade with !

    【🌴】▪︎Tree feller▪︎

    》 Don't waste time while chopping trees !

    》 Cuts down the whole tree by breaking one block !

    【⛏】▪︎Vein miner▪︎

    》mines ores in a vein !

    —•°☆And many more plugins & datapacks ☆°•—

    ———✧《server Joining guide/Info 》✧———


    ➜Get whitelisted on Discord

    ➜ [cracked= ON]


    ———★《Discord Features》★———

    【📢】Announcements and updates

    【🎉】Events and giveaways

    【👌】Discord SRV [Connect With Ingame players via Discord]

    【⚡】support categories

    【✅】start access channel

    【📊】server status channel

    【⭐】Whitelist channel

    【💡】Suggestions and help channels

    【🚀】Booster perks

    【🎮】Gaming Voice chats

    【😃】Fun categories

    【🔺️】Level up announces and auto roles

    【👍】Reaction roles

    【🤔】Staff channels

    【📈】discord StatisticsServer information 】Server information

    【😙】memes and other YouTube feeds

    【🌠】Server information & rules

    —•°☆And more features ☆°•—

    ——✧《Links 》✧——

    ➜ Discord =

    Join the ♥ LIFE STEAL SMP ⚔ Discord Server!
    Check out the ♥ LIFE STEAL SMP ⚔ community on Discord - hang out with 46 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.


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