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  • i am back

    :thumbup: :thumbup:

  • hii

  • Hello everyone!


  • first viewer of my account spenttiger8445 i am him hello

  • when your exams eend come and join me i make a smp like techno gamerz herobrine smp it take a lot of time but its very awesome

    if you want to play

    ip is : DREAMBOYOFMINECRAFT.aternos.me

    i give permission to everyone to start the server if you want to get permission to start the server give me your aternos account username

    say awesome bye

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    • Hi 👋,

      yeah sure , I'll try to join your server as soon my exams 'll over.

      I'm very excited to meet new friends & i wanna play. I will join your server and Jcrafter's server as soon as possible.😊

      But sadly I don't know who's Techno gamerz herobrine smp & which aternos username you're talking about ?😕

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    • hey i am back its a big herobrine smp i give you the server ip just try once time and tell me your username

      i again give you the ip

      ip is : DREAMBOYOFMINECRAFT.aternos.me

      and my username is lastplayer3912

      and i am from Pakistan

      so the server is online now if yo have some time come and join me :) :) :)

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  • Hi im looking for new friends can you be my friend?

    Join TheTechnoPigsSmp.aternos.me and ill give you an ip for my private smp

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    • 😊 umm ok ,

      I love to become friends with others who is good and trusted. But I can't join your server due to some circumstances since my exam is currently going on. I am really sorry as I can't join your server,

      Sorry for inconvenience

    • I'll try to join your server as soon as my exam will over.😊

  • Searching for a cool server with good players :)