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  • jaram

    idk what that means

  • hi

  • yo sup

    • yo sup can u turn on your server?

    • My server is online now, the ip:

    • can u give me start access of ur server i want to play i like it!

  • can u start ur private server-- i've been waitingggg

  • hello

  • Minecraft name :PixelTigre3D and i want to come at the server

  • what's the private servers ip again

    • the server ip is and tell ur username i will add u in whitelist

    • Martyvq__

    • u are whitelisted plz wait and join

    • marty done join plz

    • marty done plz join i whitelisted u

  • shahzad my acc will be deleted at july 25th so i can post another thread, ill just chat if it is me

  • want to join server i am starting it

  • dude thron is comlete

  • throne completed

  • join server

  • i am waiting

  • dude join na

  • dude join now server is starting

  • server is online now

  • ShahzadSMP! join now best plugins and nice smp!SMP is fresh new SO plz join our SMP!

    ip is in discord plz join my discord server and enjoy!

    • the server ip is

    • join this marty and tell ur username fast i will whitelist u